Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CD's and DVD's of Kids Time Praise Musicians

Have you ever wanted to listen to some of your favorite Kids Time Praise musicians? Most can be viewed on YouTube, but the following kids have CD's and/or DVD's of their music which you can secure directly from them:

Mirielle Enriquez -

Pierce Burgess -

Sarah Baute -

Ivana Ticar -

Zana Hunt -
Guthrie Family - instrumental and vocal

One Heart, One Soul - French Girls Chorus -

Miclen LaiPang - violin -
Nedley Brothers - violin, viola and cello
Toni Ann Singh - www.
Orangevale SDA School Girls Chorus -

Cadet Sisters -

Sofia Tsatalbasidis -

Emmons Sisters - bluegrass -

New in 2009

Eden's Kids Choir -
Lester Sto. Nino - saxophone -
The Hartmans - bluegrass -

You may contact me for further information.

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