Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cadet Sisters New CD Release

The unique, close, 5-part harmonies of the Cadet Sisters heard frequently on 3ABN's programming “Kids Time Praise” as well as other network programs can now fill your home. This is their third professionally recorded and released music CD “Expressions, A Timeless Legacy of Negro Spirituals,” and is now available through direct sale via their website with eleven of the fifteen songs arranged with that original touch by Natalie Cadet.

Familiar songs such as Jacob's Ladder, Soon I Will Be Done, Go Down Moses, Hold On, and Swing Low/ Swing Down Chariot are featured on this CD.

I personally recommend their music style and voice quality. Don't miss getting your personal copy! This is the Cadet Sisters at their best!

You can obtain a copy of their CD and support their ministry by visiting the Cadet Sister's website at:


C B S B said...

We were watching Kids Time Praise this afternoon and saw a song, "The Animals Praise Jesus." My son loved the song and we're hoping to find the song, or at least figure out the episode # so we could watch it again sometime. A girl sang the song, but we missed her name. Do you have any info on it or suggestions on how we could find it?

C said...

I love kids time

C said...

What time is Kids time

Kids Time Praise said...

You can find the schedule for all programming at
Miss Sonia

Steve Park said...

I can't access